The new area of Paintball Park Malakasa is exclusively for ‘’armed and ready’’ friends!


Paintball Park Nest is the new special and autonomous area, which after its expansion, has been created exclusively for friends and groups who want to live special experiences of action and decompression.


Wooden bridges above rivers, embankments, a stone fortress, army jeep and many special buildings, are just a few of the constructions we have made in the woods and we are able to tell you about them. The rest of buildings you will discover them on your own!


Some of our new and prototype scenarios you can play at Paintball Park Nest are: THE BRIDGES OF RIVER OSLAN, THE FORTRESS, THE RIVER, CROSSFIRE and CONVOY.


For Nest area, you will follow the general access instructions until Paintball Park Malakasa and from there you will come to the entrance of Paintball Park Nest, by following the signs.


NEST is an independent area, especially made for friends and groups who desire to spend some hours of action, joy and decompression, by playing unique Paintball scenarios at our special fields in the woods. EVENT area is exclusively for kids’ parties and corporate events.
NOTE: both areas belong to our park, they just have different entrances, service areas and fields.

No, you can be as many as you want, a few persons or big groups, but definitely is much better if you are more than 10, because this way you can be able to play the scenarios better and the fun will be great. We consider that the ideal number is 14 persons and more!

No, at Nest area we have structured scenarios, which are being played in equivalent fields. Read about them in the category GROUPS

At our park every group plays alone and not along with people they don’t know.

Yes of course there is, because every group has its own picnic tables under wooden shelters, where anyone of your group can sit.

Yes of course you can, anywise, we all started from somewhere!

Yes, reservation is necessary, in order to have the area, the equipment and the trainers for your group.

The sooner you know the exact day you want to come, the better for you, because you will find available the day and the time you want. For that reason it would be better if you don’t live it for the last moment.

Our scenarios can be played under many circumstances and weather situations except extreme meteorological phenomenon. We consider that a scenario can take another dimension and difficulty level according to the weather and the external conditions. We know that nothing is for everyone and that’s why when we see something extreme we inform you and you tell us what do you prefer. We do not cancel anything (except the case of an extreme meteorological phenomenon) while we play even with rain (before, after and during the rain) but the final decision is yours according to what kind of fighters are you!


For your participation in the scenarios of our field as a group, as well as for the organization of the event or a children’s party, it is necessary to book your timely reservation so that you can find the date you wish.

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