The biggest forest park in Greece is ready to host unique battles, parties and events
At the special modulated area Nest, you can play unique battle scenarios. Come with your friends and live a great experience
Our experienced staff and last generation equipment, can guarantee you one unforgettable experience for your kid. The Event area is exclusively made for you and your event!
One unique experience for tighten your relationship, team building, fun and boosting your teams’ chemistry. Ideal for associations, companies, tuitions, gyms, schools and not only!!
Bring the battle at your home, and the experience will be unforgettable for your guests and your family

A park specially made to create experiences with unique paintball scenarios and offer moments of action, decompression and joy to any type of groups.


Paintball Park Malakasa (ex invader) after its expansion, is now an area of 150 acres and it constitutes the biggest Paintball Park of Greece and one of the biggest if not the biggest in Europe and the best for playing paintball in Athens.

From this expansion we created two independent areas, Park NEST (for friends, teams and individual participants) and Park EVENT ( for kids’ parties, corporate events, events)

In each of them, the nature beauty of the area, in combination with the insertions we made, we have created unique areas of action and decompression with fields of different person dynamic, appropriate to host everyone who has the mood and the interest for an alternative way of fun.

In a distance of only 25 minutes from Athens, you will find formed forest fields, with army jeep, bulwarks, bridges, wooden homes, small rivers, fortresses, minefields, sniper position, observatories, stone village etc. all specially made to serve the paintball scenarios’ needs.

Our purpose is to provide the highest result by giving fulfilling services which respond to the today’s demands of people who visit us. That’s why we have full, new and last generation’s equipment, for everyone who desires to play paintball in our park.



Come with your friends (no matter how many you are)and decompress by having fun at the most fascinating action scenarios.


Organize a unique kid’s party and live a unique, fascinating and unforgettable experience with your friends.


Find out the secrets of cooperation and healthy competition inside the unique paintball scenarios.


Bring the battle at your home and the experience will be unforgettable for your guests and family.




Paintball Park Malakasa is on the 35th kilometer of the Athens-Lamia highway, in Malakasa (back entrance of Terra Vibe) and you can come in less than 30 minutes from Athens.



For your participation in the scenarios of our field as a group, as well as for the organization of the event or a children’s party, it is necessary to book your timely reservation so that you can find the date you wish.

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